Yellow Brick House


yellow brick house

This project is a new build house designed to be used as a large apartment on the ground floor with additional bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor. A series of rooms open from the hallway, but are not immediately visible. This allows for a level of privacy and creates a sense of formality.

The plan of the house is designed to get light all day with use of courtyards and clerestory lighting. The rooms on the ground floor are all open plan but can be closed off by use of sliding doors, with ceiling heights that vary to create grander or more intimate rooms. The dining room has 4 metre high ceilings while the bedroom and study room drop to 2.7 metres. Slatted timber ceilings were installed throughout to help soften the acoustics and a single floor finish of smoked oak was used throughout the ground floor.

The decoration was conceived to lend each room a distinct personality but flow cohesively. Each of the main rooms has one outstanding specially commissioned piece, around which the rest of the space revolves.

The house is A-rated energy efficient, highly insulated and uses solar panels. The garden was also designed by LyonsKelly.