This project in a 19th century townhouse was completed over two stages. The first phase was to redesign the garden level to create a family-friendly living space. A bay window was added to the lower ground floor at the rear creating a dining alcove and bringing daylight into the kitchen. The side passage was roofed to create a lobby with storage space and cloakroom. The same pale yellow brick was used on the walls of the extension and the floor of the side passage while detailing is in copper with grey steel doors. The second phase involved redesigning the first floor level. A new opening in a dividing wall between two bedrooms allowed one side become a dressing room and bathroom, while the other could be used as a master bedroom. The connecting doors between these rooms were placed on axis to benefit from the windows on both sides of the house. Additional storage space was required in the bedroom and to facilitate this, a ‘Narnia’ style wardrobe was created. One enters the dressing room and bathroom through these wardrobes, which were clad in hand-painted wallpaper.