City Garden


City garden

The clients for this project asked us back to design their garden after their house was complete. The design had to accommodate a number of criteria: play space for the children including a trampoline, a built-in barbecue and storage for bicycles and firewood. Occasional parking was needed in the rear garden and bin storage to the front of the house, while retaining an attractive appearance when viewed from the street. There was also a requirement to introduce an element of screening for the first floor windows to ensure privacy.

A minimal palette of hard landscaping including yellow brick walls, paving, granite and gravel compliments a lush planting scheme. Mature birch trees and bleached limes were craned into the garden in order to screen the first floor windows. Low brick walls help to ground the barbecue and provide additional seating. A trampoline sunken level with the ground means the protective netting is not required so it is far less obtrusive in the garden.

A path of Irish granite chosen to match the granite of the entrance steps forms the transition from the house to the street, with the rounded corners of the slabs taking on the look of stepping stones.

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